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Why connecting ♡s building bridges?

A real connection between people is the basis for positive emotions. Positive emotions allow us to broaden our awareness, see more possibilities and feel more oneness.* This is the approach of the stories, portrays, articles and podcasts spanning cultural bridges between Europe and the Middle East. From the perspective of the Middle East, we learn from stories about people, especially women, artists and talents reflecting on their ways of building bridges and making a difference.

Talent Stories from the Middle East

You have to expose young people to other cultural influences so that they can see and learn something outside their usual environment.

Iman Mahmoud, education specialist UNRWA schools

Follow the journey

The project started in October 2019 in Lebanon. The first journey was planned for 8 months. During this journey, the aim was to find special places in the Middle East and people with open hearts and minds who share their views and experiences. As one could expect, external circumstances heavily influenced the journey. The revolution in Lebanon, the death of his majesty Sultan Qaboos in Oman and then the outbreak of Covid-19 after only one week in Saudi Arabia. Even though, the project got interrupted, the goals stay the same: finding partners for building bridges, a human potentials map and many new insights into our connections in the Arab-European world.

*Find more about the background and supporting research in the Theory of Change.