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The Journey

This is a journey to different countries and regions in the Middle East looking for talents and interesting ideas connecting Europe and the Middle East. The motive behind is to open our horizons about the diversity of people and their cultures and learning from each other. The journey started in October in Lebanon and will continue into other regions for six months depending on the feedback and reception of the personal stories. The mission and goals of the project are being outlined in more detail in the theory of change provided below.

Safatalents has now become a registered non-profit association ‘SafaTalents – Kulturverein’. We have done that for some good reasons. follows a mission that comes from the heart. Connecting hearts and building bridges is not a business issue in terms of financial goals. However, we strongly believe that based on the mission, good ideas for projects will arise and maybe some of them will provide sustainable business opportunities. If so, we will follow up on them in a business section separate from the non-profit activities. They will, however, be guided by the association and its mission.

This is our charta (in German language):


Safatalents is an initiative started by Katja Teuchmann based on her many years of professional experience in business and secondly as a student of the Arabic language and culture in the Middle East.

My professional background lies in business and leading consulting projects for public and private organisations. Working on change, talent management and leadership topics for so many years made me look out for new creative opportunities outside the business scene. I always dreamt of creating a landscape of human potentials and competencies for regions to see the wealth of our liveliness as human beings. Travelling to different countries in the Middle East and enjoying hospitality and friendship of so many people there, made me aware of how little I knew before I started my own journey. Now, I want to share some of the experiences I had the chance to make.

I see my role now in developing the internet platform and identifying its main users, partners and supporters. According to the progress and activities, others will join in complementing roles and as partners.


Many friends have supported the creation of this platform. People who care about our cultural relationships and development or people who like to support new innovative initiatives for a good cause. This is a big Thank you! Many friends have given their support mentally and emotionally, some contributed financially to the crowdfunding campaign. Eastwest4us was the working title for the platform, which has transformed into safatalents. Building bridges between Europe and the Middle East is at its core but the human side – connecting hearts and growing talents – has come to the forefront. I am very thankful for that process which was also a very personal one for me.

33 crowdfunders substantially supported the initial idea of creating a platform. Additionally, great helping hands contributed to the rewards and the design of the crowdfunding campaign. In times of data protection it seems too sensitive to publish their names but I am happy to share them on request.

Theory of Change

Every good project builds on a theory of change. What are the drivers, the circumstances and most importantly what should be the impact of all the efforts? For me, this is not so much about exactly hitting the goals but a reflective and transparent process of moving forward mindfully.

Problem – Vision – Research & Experience

Target Groups – Input – Output – Outcome