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SafaTalents belongs to Safa East Venture, founded by Katja Teuchmann in 2018.

Seidlgasse 2/15
1030 Vienna

Phone: +43 67761701113

Owner of the website: Katja Teuchmann, Safa East Venture e.U.

Disclosure of §25 clause 2,3 and 4 media law:

This website contains content and a blog dealing with personal stories, cultural dialogue and arts in the Middle East. The focus lies on encountering and connecting Europe and the Middle East on a cultural level. The website and its blog is directed firstly at Europeans, secondly at people from the Middle East and the Diaspora.


The pages of this website contain relevant links to external websites of third parties. I do not have any kind of influence on the content of these third parties websites. Therefore, I cannot be hold accountable in any way for the external content concerned. At the time of setting the links, no illegal content was identified. However, we cannot permanently control for any changes on external websites without explicit indications. As soon as we become aware of any kind of rights violation, those links will be removed immediately.

This website

This website has been created in a collaborative effort. Two outstanding external experts were the main contributors to transform the ideas into virtual reality. I am very happy to give personal reference about our collaboration.

Advisory and technical implementation:
Design: ast+nebel

Copy Rights

The content of this website (texts, photos, audio and video) are subject to Austrian copy right law. Copying, adapting, distributing or any kind of reutilization outside of the limits of copy right law, require written approval of the author/s or originator/s. Downloads and copies of this website are only allowed for private, non commercial use.

Insofar as the content of this website is not generated by the operator of the website, copy right laws of external parties are being respected. Content of third parties will be indicated separately. In case you find any violation of copy right law on this website, please inform us immediately. As soon as we become aware of any kind of violation, the respective content will be removed immediately.