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Women are f***ed up everywhere!

Behind the veil*wheel Israel
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Podcast Celia: Women are f***ed up everywhere

I am a social entrepreneur in my soul, meaningful social action is the center of my life.

Celia Jawabreh

Celia Jawabreh lives in the Arab region of the so called triangle in the center of Israel. She is a very energetic Arab Israeli woman, mother of two and successful in her career as educational counselor. The first time we met through a friend in a gallery promoting crafts of impoverished Arab women in Tel Aviv, Celia took me by surprise. Celia does not look like a typical Arab woman and I was immediately impressed by her strong personality. Celia thinks deep and she reflects everything happening around her with regards to what she can do to improve the situation. No surprise, Celia became a feminist and an activist at an early age and she is involved in many social activities.

Whenever you want justice for yourself, you have to make sure that if you are not doing justice to the other, you have to do it. … We don’t talk about this, that we have racism between our groups … we just talk about the racism from the Jewish side because it’s much easier to talk about it.

Celia Jawabreh

Celia experiences racism and disadvantages as a Palestinian in Israel but she also recognizes the racism within the Arab minority. Together, Muslims, Christians and Druze make up 20% of the Israeli population. One of the core problems she identifies is violence within the Arab society. Arab towns are being threatened by Mafia organizations who obtain their weapons illegally by the Israeli Army. This violence is also a huge threat to the women and femicides are rising. Celia cares about the rights of women and minorities around her. In the interview, Celia shares insights into her own upbringing as a muslim woman and the struggles of being a Palestinian in Israel.

In my childhood, I saw many women who had an unfair childhood and marriages. I said to myself that this wouldn’t happen to me, that’s the fire in me. I am very protective of my rights and women rights. … Whenever I go to places, I think about women, how well do they get paid, under what conditions are they working? It is very important me.

Celia Jawabreh

Professionally, Celia loves to create something new and growing her competencies. Right now, she started working in the governmental sector with Branco Weiss, a funding agency in the educational field. Celia works hard to improve the educational system for Arab schools in Israel and making it more efficient.

Listen to Maisam Jaljuli, another Palestinian feminist voice from Israel. This is the latest UN resolution on the violation of rights of Palestinian women in Israel.

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