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Change of times in Oman

Building Bridges Oman

trailer of the oman series

6 amazing people – 6 personal stories

Between December 2019 and March 2020, I got to know amazing people in Oman who were open to share their stories. Thus, the Oman Podcast Series was created which features six Omani women and men and their personal stories: A young leader and protagonist of body positivity, a teacher and poet in three languages, a preventive conservation specialist, a desert and adventure tours guide, a child psychologist and a fashion designer.

These exceptional people – with a high level of empathy, cultural sensibility and passion – talk openly about their personal challenges and their modern and traditional ways of living in Oman. Every one of them building bridges and connecting hearts between the Middle East and Europe.

The first weeks of 2020 mark a turning point in Oman

At the beginning of January 2020, Sultan Qaboos, the long time ruler and creator of modern Oman passed away. Six weeks of mourning were declared and Oman had its first standstill in this year before the Corona outbreak. All people of Oman were affected by the death of it’s father of the nation for so many years. Public life came to a complete standstill and people withdrew into their homes. It was a very strange atmosphere and it took some time for people from outside to understand what was going on with the Omani people. Thanks to a surprisingly quick handover to a highly respected family member of the Sultan, people felt safe guarded and started developing a positive outlook on the future prospects of Oman. Oman is in a very delicate position, situated on the Arabian peninsula, north of Yemen and in close neighbourhood with Iran across the Persian gulf. Due to its political neutrality, Oman often acts as a mediator within the region looking for peace.

These were the immediate circumstances under which our talks were being held: A high level of uncertainty accompanied by feelings of humbleness and responsibility to maintain what was being created by the late Sultan amidst first glimpses of new horizons arising from the future …

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