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Maha مها


Change happens when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of change.

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Podcast Maha: Curly Talent

Maha AlKharusi is the founder and protagonist of curl.heritage, a platform on instagram to promote natural curly hair in Arab countries. She started working in an international bank in Muscat, her home town in Oman. She was lucky and determined enough to create her own job as a sustainability champion. On top of that, Maha loves thinking and writing for change in our societies. She got involved in international organisations and in 2020, she became the leader of the Muscat hub of the Global Shapers. In this role, she supervises a team of volunteers who create and run change projects for their local community.

Maha’s outstanding Competencies

Expression and eloquence
Maha’s expression both verbally as well as in written form is extremely impressive. Her speech is persuasive. Maha is well informed and does the research to talk about a wide area of topics in an eloquent and convincing manner. Maha speaks fast but her language is clear and she follows a structure. She uses arguments as well as colloquial phrases with a good hint of humour which makes her also a strong negotiator. In a similar way, her written expression is elaborate and she uses an impressive breadth of words from the English language. In whichever way, Maha is the person to get important messages across. This is an article she wrote in Sekka about curly hair.

Following her mission
Maha has a clear mission in her approaches to make our world a better place reaching from sustainability of our resources up to women’s natural curly hair. Parts of it are value driven and she will stand up for her values like natural beauty, self growth, tolerance and climate protection. The mission that drives her personal interests is her role as a protagonist for curly hair in the Arab region. Maha had to undergo herself a long process of discovering her own natural beauty and learning how to nurture it. One has to understand that standing up against the norm of straight hair still affords a lot of stamina of an Arab woman. Maha wanted to go beyond that to support and convince other women in their efforts. She founded curl.heritage and started her campaign on instagram. Maha since became an important voice in the world of body positivity. At the same time, Maha follows her career as a sustainability champion in an international bank. Her interest in international organisations got her involved with the Global Shapers where she engages in leadership and change projects for the common good. Depending on the requirements, she shifts her focus between those roles but in all of them she stays true to her mission.

Courage and self-discipline
Maha does not shy away from challenges if they cross her path to fulfil her mission. The role of sustainability champion in an international bank in Oman was definitely not a given and especially not for a young women. However, Maha found allies and she continuously worked towards her goal until she achieved it. Education and training are an integral part of her success story. In 2020, she took on the temporary role of the Muscat hub leader of Global Shapers, the youth organisation of the World Economic Forum. In an instant, she had to learn how to hold together a team of very diverse motivated people who are only volunteering. She thinks, the common goal of achieving change for the common good will support her. Thanks to her ability for self reflection, she already detected a steep learning curve for herself. For sure, her passion and the ability to connect with others will help her to succeed with her team.

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