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Wisdom from the village

Building Bridges Oman

Podcast Naji: Wisdom from the village

Naji is a master of story telling. He speaks and teaches Arabic, German and English and he writes poems in all three languages. This reflects his deep understanding of cultures and he gives amazing insights into Arabic traditions and old norms and how they transform into modern life in Oman.

this is very special in Omani society, we don’t ask about your religion, language, colour, we just respect you because you are a human being – you are people like us

Naji AlShuhaimi

Naji grew up in a village and moved to Muscat, the capital city where he teaches in a school. He tells stories about his childhood in a village and his experiences living in a multicultural environment in Muscat’s newly built suburbs. When he is in Muscat, he misses the traditional life of the tribes with its wide social networks in the village where everybody knows each other and people take care of each other. Something we have lost in Europe.

Naji also shares his dream which is very different from teaching languages. He talks about his impressive Omani beard, its meaning for him and the lion story. Naji loves travelling to Germany, that’s were he found white life, street numbers, modern teaching methods and his newly found love for the nature. Now, he tries to convince his students to take good care of the nature as their old fathers did.

Traditional teaching will not help develop talents. Sultan Qaboos (bin Said) started this 50 years ago, it is time to change our schools and teaching methods!

Naji AlShuhaimi

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Find out more about Oman at the time of the interview in February 2020.

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