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Tourism builds bridges

Building Bridges Oman
Beduin with headscarf wrapped around his head sitting cross-legged in the sand and looking into the vastness of the desert. In front of him some burning wood and an Omani coffeepot.

Podcast Amur: Tourism builds bridges

Amur knows the different worlds – in East and West – and he loves them all. He grew up in the Omani mountains far away from modern life. When he was 13 years old, he met foreigners who were camping near his village. Back then he was an Arab boy who had no idea of the Western world except from old stories.

I observed them from a distance and after some time I felt brave enough to get close but I couldn’t understand them. Now, I speak Italian, English and some German and I know that you need a common language to cross the bridge.

Amur Al Rawahi, Arab Adventures

This short encounter determined his professional education and later he founded Arab Adventures. Amur wants people from outside to get to know the real Oman and the beauty of its nature and cultural heritage. He takes them to remote places in the desert, the mountains or along the long coastal stretches of Oman. There, he initiates meetings between locals and tourists.

His passion is building bridges and learning from each other. That’s why he travels to Europe every summer to learn and understand the languages, modern life and traditions of the Europeans.

Amur loves the desert where he spends a lot of time – like the beduins. Amidst millions of sand grains he finds his inner truth. He feels happy in this vastness and stillness. Amur takes his clients into the dunes far away from our online availability and responsibilities …

Every night we sit together at the fireplace , we share our stories from all over the world in the middle of the desert. We become very close and we take this message with us: we are all the same and we should live like one family!

Amur AlRawahi, Arab Adventures

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